February Newsletter Volume v01/23

Welcome to February’s WordPress News Update!

In this issue, we’ve packed in a variety of content to help you stay informed and up-to-date with the latest happenings in the WordPress community.

First up, we’ll take a look at the buzz around WordPress. Then we move to the latest news and updates. Next, we dove into the new products. We also add an update about trending deals and upcoming meetups.

Top WordPress Stories

WordPress 6.2 Beta 1 is on its way next Tuesday. The WordPress 6.2 release cycle introduces a fourth planned beta to accommodate WordCamp Asia. And it’s providing an extra buffer between the event and two of the biggest release milestones (Beta1 and RC1).

WordPress is Turning 20! this year 2023. WordPress is officially turning 20 on May 27th, 2023. 

WordPress News

  • ThemeWinter releases long-waiting RSVP features at Eventin!
  • GetGenie, AI-powered content writing plugin achieved 3k+ active installations.
  • New Features on Gravity Forms: Gravity Forms users can Save & Continue functionality with auto-saving, auto-loading, and draft management.
  • SureCart is very close to releasing its first version of conditional forms Version 1.5.0.
  • Themeisle enhances the core block Search by adding two additional attributes (live and post types)
  • The WP Minut podcast is about focusing on the career side of the digital workforce.
  • Gutenberg 15.0 was released on January 18, 2023. This release sees the block inspector tabs experiment stabilized, prevents images from being resized larger than their containing element, and adds the ability to paste styles from one block to another.
  • Postex is used by more than 30k+ customers in various industries.
  • Astra 4.0.0 – is ready for all the new features! Brainstorm Force announces the latest release of our WordPress theme – Astra 4.0.0!
  • Oxygen 4.5 Beta 1 is Now Available. Page builder Oxygen announces the availability of the first beta of Oxygen 4.5. Oxygen 4.5 introduces the new Emmet input, which allows you to use Emmet abbreviations to rapidly build out designs in Oxygen.
  • Brand New Release: Gravity Forms 2.7. They release their new update with a number of impressive new features like “New Built-In Template Library” “New Built-In Template Library” “A Redesigned Setup Wizard” and additions to enhance your form-building experience.
  • Elementor 3.11 Developers Update the latest Elementor versions becomes faster, more secure and more friendly for assistive technology.
  • New Updates in Spectra: Announcing Spectra 2.3.5 The page Builder become faster than previous version.
  • Robby McCullough Co-founder BeaverBuilder. LP is going to #WCAsia for the first time confirmed on twitter.
  • ACF Chat host a live discussions of all things ACF, answering your questions on building sites with ACF, getting the most out of your fields, and what’s next for the plugin.
  • AstraWp Elemntor and MRcrocoblock are the best tools to build WordPress websites.JB Design Studio twitted.
  • CubeWP Framework v1.0.15 Released.CubeWP Framework is the ultimate dynamic content solution for WordPress. 
  • Stackable Gutenberg Blocks Introducing new version 3.7.0, They are coming out with the new Horizontal Scroller Block and the new Countdown block.
  • Yoast announce a new integration in the latest version of #YoastSEO! Yoast SEO 20.1 Updated their Mastodon and inclusive language.
  • SEOpress getting 250,000 Active installation with 850 5-star reviews over 24 different languages.
  • The SEO Framework released their product updates Extension Manager v2.6.1.
  • Jetpack team worked on several under-the-hood improvements to enhance Jetpack experience. Jetpack 11.8 is coming.
  • BuddyBoss Sponsoring #WCAsia 2023.
  • PeepSo releasing their IdeaPush Integration featuring the latest addition to their compendium of plugins.
  • WooCommerce 7.4 Release Candidate 2. Release Candidate 2 for the February 2023 is now available.
  • WPFunnels products Mail Mint (free version) is now live on #WordPress!
  • Unbelievable! Jamie Marsland Built 3 WordPress Plugins In 10 MINUTES using ChatGPT.
  • Sujay Pawar the co-founder of Astra theme announce that I am joining forces with automatic as a Co-Investor and Advisor. He has already over 13 years of experience as an entrepreneur.
  • Verdi Heinz, Global Community Manager at Elementor make an interview on MonstersPost.Talking about his journey with Elementor, his role as Community Manager,and his vision for the future of web creation.
  • Essential Blocks v4.0: Join With 50,000+ Happy Users only onto the second month of 2023.
  • MonstersPost released 2023 Monster’s Award Winners list. The aim of Monster’s Award is to provide a platform for the most prominent WordPress products to showcase their abilities and connect with a wider audience.
  • Happy Elementor Addons shared a Pricing Plan for Türkiye-Syria crisis.They Donate With 100% of every purchase for earthquake victims.
  • Buddy v2.4.127 Released with improvements to pipeline and action UI,Emoji support in remote parameters,New updated actions and Fixes to PR-based pipeline runs,Vultr listing and REST-API
  • The parents’ organization of Wpmet,XpeedStudio is Sponsoring #WCAsia 2023.
  • PeachPay for WooCommerce released PeachPay 1.87.0. The first version of PeachPay to offer paid premium features.

WordPress New Products

  • The Events Calendar announces to launch of its new product Event Automator plugin.
  • Mail Mint, an advanced lead management plugin’s free version got released by WPFunnel Team.
  • AffiliateWP released AffiliateWP 2.12.0 and it’s going to revolutionize the way your affiliates interact with creatives and ensure they’re much easier to use.
  • Bertha AI launch e Crome extension Over 30 templates to help with your writing tasks.Bertha AI is an innovative WordPress plugin that assists a content creator, writer or blogger by providing them with beneficial ideas and suggestions for their writing tasks.
  •  Rocket.net launched the World’s first edge-first platform leveraging a global network in front of every hosting server.

WordPress Deals

  • Super Bowl Sales on WPPool. Enjoy up to 80% off on popular products like WP Dark Mode,  Jitsi Meet, etc.
  • Get 30% off all new Gravity Forms licenses! Gravity Forms offering a site-wide sale – 30% off all new Gravity Forms licenses to celebrate #WCAsia event.
  • Gravity Forms #WCAsia 30% Off Sale. Gravity forms user and new user WordCamp Asia sale, getting 30% off ALL new Gravity Forms licenses.
  • #WCAsia 2023 Sponsored WSFORM announce this special offer for new WS Form subscribers! The deal will run from February 14 – 21, 2023 Using coupon code WC30.

Sponsors Shout Out

WordCamp Update

  • Cloudways Sponsored the Page Builder Summit. Page Builder announces an Online event On Feb 20, 2023.
  • WordCamp Asia is happening in Bangkok, Thailand. From 17 February–19 February 2023
  • First WordCamp to happen in Africa From 10 March-11 March 2023

That’s all for the February 2023 WordPress update. The month of March just started, and our team is keeping a close eye on all sources. We hope you will enjoy the March WordPress newsletter, which will be published on April 2, 2023. [In sha allah]


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